Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

Listen to Audio Recordings of Tony below. 

About: Talk Sport Guide to the Olympics

"An alternative look at some of the events which will be gracing our capital over the course of the 2012 Olympics"

Tony both wrote and starred in this four-part series created for TalkSport in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics.

TonyCowards If Christopher Walken married Avril Lavigne after she’d been wed to JRR Tolkien and Roald Dahl she’d be A. Walken-Tolkien-Lavigne-Dahl.

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TonyCowards My girlfriend wanted a "fairy-tale romance" so I locked her in a tower. If you like my jokes it would be great if……

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TonyCowards @MrBoffly Ah yes, googling it it's definitely a turnstone (a bird, I have to admit, I've never even heard of!).

2 days ago via Twitter Web Client in reply to MrBoffly

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